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Top Reasons to Learn Java and its Career Opportunities

Is Java a good career choice?

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Java is one of the most well-known programming languages and has figured out how to keep its magic intact with its platform liberty. From picking your first programming language to composing applications for Android and a few programming frameworks, Java has been the universal choice. Due to its adaptable nature, it has gotten one of the highest popular languages around the globe. Thus, a Java engineer pay in India is fundamentally higher.

Who’s Java Developer?

Java Developer is the person who is liable for composing vigorous Java code that makes apps (as in the event of Android) while additionally coordinating frontend (or Client-end) to backend frameworks (or Server-end).

What numerous individuals don't understand is that large applications that we underestimate, including composing instruments like Adobe PDF Reader and MS Word, are totally written in Java. Yet, that isn't all. Famous games like Star Wars Galaxies, Roboforge, Minecraft, and so on, are completely written in this Java language. Also, Google Android's API runs on this code! Due to these reasons, the salary of Java Developer is failing to slow down.

On the off chance that you are keen on learning Java, you would be very happy to realize that Java has the most number of entries on any competing programming site! Numerous students, in their under-graduation, learn and practice this language.

Why Learn Java?

It's 2020 and bests an ideal opportunity to get Java in case you're intending to start another programming language. It tends to be your optimal decision for the following reasons:

1. Vigorous Improvement Tools

Java is upheld by vigorous improvement tools and IDEs like Eclipse IDE, NetBeans, etc… that add to the achievement of Java language. Composing codes and Debugging has been made easier and simpler by the help of IDEs like in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Apache Hadoop Data Processing.

2. Incredible Open-source Libraries and APIs

Java accompanies incredible open-source libraries support like Maven, JHipster, Google's Guava, and so on. Also, Java assists big giants like Google in making a few APIs. For instance, it is utilized in Google's Android working framework and for assignments like speech synthesis, XML parsing, etc.

3. It is an OOPS supporter

Java upholds Object-Oriented Programming Concepts which are basic to abstain from composing similar codes once more. Regardless of whether it's coding for an app or getting ready for Machine Learning models and their preparation, one should know the OOPS ideas as these are important for app development.

4. Easy Learning

In case you want to learn Python, we would suggest that you start with Java. You have to initially build a comprehension of the fundamental info /output and how & where if-else conditions happen. Continue further with Array and higher ideas to turn into a coding language master.

Java, when contrasted with Python, is quick since it utilizes a compiler and consequently is your buddy in engaging time-intricacy in competing programming. Get familiar with the contrasts between Java and Python.

Java Career Openings

Java is at present standing out in the venture back-end and the Android mobile app development market. Java has a bright future when you consider the integration of present-day language features like lambda articulations and streams in JDK 8. As per the Oracle, 9,000,000 Java engineers on the planet keep on working with Java for some reasons like similarity, unwavering quality, and usability. With plans effectively in progress to present new dialect highlights similar to esteem types in JDK 10, Java should rise as the Programming Language of the Year!

What are the skills needed to become a good Java Developer?

While turning into a Java Developer is energizing, firms are searching for skilled people who can work independently and also with a team. To make your career to develop as a Java engineer and procure the most noteworthy possible Java Jobs India, you have to update yourself with:

  • Database Structure information
  • Algorithms and Data structures practice 
  • Soft-aptitudes like constancy, cooperation
  • Hands-on involvement in Version Control System and Git
  • Restful Web Services
  • Problem Solving Capability and Analytical Mindset

The recognition and need of Java programmers can be checked by the fact that the world's peak brands like Amazon, LinkedIn, Twitter, and eBay uses Java to make a durable foundation between their web app and backend frameworks.


Java programming language is known to assist students with building analytical capacities while setting them up to expert their interviews or preparations for the project. When coding for an organization, the information will go far in helping the Java engineer make apps meeting the prerequisites of the customers.

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