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Java Determines Success

World most popular programming language.

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Java is the base of most business processing organizations in the world which operate on networked applications, web-based content, enterprise software, games, and mobile applications. It is an object-oriented programming language developed by the Sun Micro-systems in 1995. It supports cross-platform operable with Windows, Macintosh, UNIX, Android, embedded systems and enterprise solutions. Java is known to be run on about 3 billion devices now!

Applications Run On Java

Java supports a wide range of applications that benefit both business and commercial enterprises, as mentioned below:

Desktop GUI Applications – Java offers GUI development opportunities with the help of Abstract Windowing Toolkit (AWT), Swing and JavaFX. AWT possesses features of a menu option, buttons, and list along with third-party components, Swing and GUI widget toolkit. The 3D graphics features in the JavaFX enables faster and better scripting for all Java applications.

Mobile Applications – In the Android smartphone, Java Cross-Platform Framework is actually written in the Android Software Development Kit (SDK). In this way smartphones work on Java, are the best example games!

Embedded systems – The embedded systems include the tiniest of chips to desktops each designed for dedicated tasks. Components like SIM cards, blue-ray disk players, utility meters and televisions run on Java embedded technology.

Web applications – Web applications and servers are supported by Java with the help of Servlets, Struts or JSPs. The Government sites dealing with social security, health, and education as well as eCommerce sites function based on Java.

Enterprise Applications – Java Enterprise Edition or Java EE provides API and run-time support for running enterprise applications along with network and web applications. It is the faster performance with Java that has enabled the trading services to get scripted into Java. Banking sector uses Java in various applications for both front and back-end tasks.

Scientific Calculations – In research and scientific calculations Java is widely used for faster and secure performance. With the Java complex, mathematical calculations, become faster and results get accurate. It does not require high maintenance and is portable as well.

Benefits of Java in small and large-scale business operations

Every business unit today is equipped with Java. The smart programming language has its latest version Java SE 8.0 launched in 2014, March. With every new update, equipped with better features and improved compatibility.

The advantages of Java in all business enterprises, whether small or medium or possibly large are as below:

  • It is one of the easiest programming language, easy to learn as well as easy to access, compile, debug or use the programming codes.
  • Java provides cross-functional performance and portability options. Since java functions are in bytecodes, it enables program codes written in a specific platform to access other devices - laptops, smartphones, desktops, tablets, etc.
  • The smart programming language provides multimedia, multithreading as well as network support.
  • Java has a widespread user community owing to a large number of organizations with embedded programming languages.
  • Java is an object-oriented language which makes it develop and reuse programming codes. This procedure helps to simplify and maintain the software development path.

As of late, Java has been picking up validity in the region of IoT and cloud development. Globally, there are around 10 million Professional Java Developers, and this network keeps on developing grow day by day. Like other open source advances, Java encourages the benefits of offering back to people in public. Online forums, like StackOverflow, comprises of Java engineer specialists who are ready to help.

Java language is more commonly used as a part of your day by day life than you may think. You can use Java language as part of your life day more generally by the day of your life. You can use it, for example, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, Amazon and eBay. Furthermore, Java has a solid development guide with nonstop progress in security and performance. While Java does not suit all needs, it's as yet a standard programming language which is usually used and benefits many individuals and organizations.

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