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Why Global Defense shifting their gears towards the adoption of AI and Big Data?

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The Artificial Intelligence (AI), as well as Big Data Analytics, proven to have revolutionary impacts on military capabilities. It is also believed that the Global Defense Spending reserve a specific amount especially dedicated to AI and Big Data.

The AI and Big Data have transformed and touched almost every sector of the world, and now the defense is not left behind either. The power of Big Data lies in itself, and probably that is one of the reasons why people are quickly shifting their gears towards the adoption of Big Data. As we all know, one of the best ways to create a mind-blowing plan or a product is to first study about that subject thoroughly.

Big Data Consulting Services allows you to do just that. It helps the experts to comprehensively watch over the huge chunks of data collected for research purposes. Only after careful assessment of the data, most useful plans and strategies can be curated.

And, when it comes to Artificial Intelligence, it has already proved its determination in the world. AI-based devices are not only trying to match up with the human intelligence but are planned to even surpass the intelligence levels. AI-based processes promise greater quality and enhanced speed.

Indian Navy will be leveraging the strength of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence!

Indian Navy has recently finalized a strategy to integrate AI as well as Big Data analytics into most of the operational functioning of the defense forces. Also, the Navy is reviewing the innovative transition process to deploy ships from repairs to operational spheres.

A few days back, in a conference that involved a list of high-end commanders looked over the latest Navy's Mission Based Deployments, which is basically a strategy for deployment of a few or many warships in Indian Ocean area that was made operational recently. The review meeting was intended to amplify the advantages attained from the deployment of the Indian Navy warships as well as the aircraft to critical regions in the Indian Ocean Area. In the meeting, the officials also discussed the new techniques to make the naval data networks more secure and shielded. The defense groups will devise the most effective strategies and will develop highly solid plans to integrate AI as well as Big Data Analytics in the functioning.

Under the modernization plan, activities like sharing data or valuable insights with other navies along with the fusion of defense diplomacy measures like bilateral tasks as well as port visits in the deployments are intended to be undertaken.


AI and Big data are touted to be one of the most integral constituents of future defense procurement. Also, the budgets allocated to Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence will be growing at a rapid pace as well. Defense agencies will be soon seen finding out Big Data Consulting Services to build future proficiency in operational functioning.

The latest transition cycle and the incorporation of Big data analytics and Artificial Intelligence will lead to enhancement of the operational logistics, advanced security and overall better quality of the functional operations.

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